Welcome to the new! - 4/6/14
The Web Team has been hard at work to deliver you a great online experience and this is the tip of the iceberg. More updates are expected throughout the week!


Brawl to End it All Results - 4/6/14
A new TIWF Champion and Tag Team Champions has been crowned after last night's events! Chico Mendoza became your new TIWF Champion after defeating T-Payne. In a surprise twist, Chico shook the hand of his long time rival in front of the Ravishing Family! The Family, before this happened, had a lot to be thankful for. Antonio Anderson and his temporary partner Breakin Bones defeated the Hooligans and Good Ole Boys after Shannon Lee turned on his own son Chase McKoy. JBR, who thought he had the night off due to Todd Currie being unable to make it, was put into a contest by TIWF Board Member RC Scott against new TIWF Locker Room member "The Amazing Oz", but JBR retained. Also, Devil's Rejects defeated The White's; Mark Southern def Jerry Fargo via DQ after Big Brad Simpson interfered; Wykid def Zak Kiser.


TIWF defeats LAW; Gains Brownsville, TN - 4/5/14
LAW fell to TIWF this past Friday Night as Todd Currie outlasted everyone on the LAW Vs TIWF Battle Royal by last eliminating Derrick King. As a result, TIWF will take foothold in Brownsville, TN with an event one Friday a month for the rest of the year. More information on that will come very soon.




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